200sqm dedicated to experimental processes in the creation of artistic work and in the conception of innovative formats for cultural management. LEA provides its community with everything it needs to investigate and materialize its projects, in a plural and dynamic environment, rich in synergies and collaborations. The LEA has six areas: the clean techniques lab, the machinery lab, the full-time artist residency area, the gallery, the lounge, and the library. LEA is accessible to people in wheelchairs.
Area for multidisciplinary art work or theoretical-practical workshops, with or without the use of tools.
110sqm. divided into a clean area of 80sqm. and a dirty area of 30sqm. (for work with wood, iron or disciplines that mess)
Artists working capacity 10 pax. Seating capacity 40 pax. Standing capacity 60 pax.
6.5 m. max. height
Natural overhead and diffuse light (no shadows or reflections)
Bathroom with shower
Sink in dirty area to clean brushes or similar
Different furniture for small and large-format works
Furniture and machinery for iron and wood works
Shelves for storage and lockers
Wifi access
Area for exhibitions, theoretical workshops, classes, showrooms, presentations, conferences or screenings.
40sqm. Expandable to lounge and library = 74sqm.
Seated capacity 25 pax. Standing capacity 40 pax. Expandable to lounge and library
3.4 m. max. height
Natural light, adjustable neutral led tube and adjustable spotlights in monorail
Projector of 16:9 with 3 meters width and HDMI connection from table, wifi or bluetooth
Specific furniture for exhibitions, workshops, classes, conferences or screenings
2x2,3m. mobile panel
Wifi access
Area for exhibitions, informal meetings, cocktails, group dynamics, presentations, showrooms...
25sqm. Expandable to gallery and library = 74sqm.
Seated capacity 12 pax. Standing capacity 20 pax. Expandable to gallery and library
3.4 m. max. height
Indirect neutral led light and monorail adjustable spotlights
Kitchen area with fridge and small appliance
Specific furniture for meetings
Wifi access